Starter Greenhouses

Are you new to the world of hobby greenhouse growing? Should you purchase a "starter" greenhouse or go for the gusto?

There are those rare backyard hobby greenhouse enthusiasts who know what greenhouse they want from the beginning. They buy it, even if it is expensive, and have it for life. However, most folks buy their first greenhouse without really knowing what greenhouse growing is all about or what it entails. Some use their greenhouses for a while and then abandon them, or maybe use them for something else like off-season patio furniture storage, or sell them on Craigslist, or give them away. While some may continue to use and enjoy their first greenhouse for years, so many "catch the bug", and wind up longing for a bigger and better greenhouse, their dream greenhouse, and many eventually buy it.

There are many of what I call "starter" greenhouses that are durable enough and can be used for years. They are good little greenhouses, maybe just the type you want! However, if you are new to this hobby, wondering if you are really cut out for greenhouse growing, or do not have a lot of money to invest, these less-expensive greenhouses may just be right for you. Here is a small collection of "starter" greenhouses.