Solar Gem

The Best Backyard Greenhouse Available Anywhere!

Welcome to Solar Gem Greenhouses – manufacturer of the best backyard greenhouses in North America since 1991. Are you ready to grow your dream garden, year-round, right in your own backyard? Our one-piece and easily portable fiberglass greenhouses are designed for gardening enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Best built, best warrantied backyard greenhouse

In a sea of sameness, Solar Gem Greenhouses boldly stand out from the build-it-yourself/do-it-yourself kit greenhouses that depend on breakable panes of glass or panels of plastic, plus consumer assembly, which online retailers and big box home improvement stores peddle. Sadly, most of those products are built or assembled overseas, with foreign materials and foreign labor, and many are meant to be thrown away in a few years. But NOT a Solar Gem! Our products are ALL AMERICAN…materials, labor, and know-how…and are designed to perform like no others can, for decades! Our top quality fiberglass greenhouses offer the best heat retention in winter, the best interior light diffusion and dispersal for optimal growing, virtually no maintenance ever, greenhouse longevity that others can only dream of, and an industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty to back it all up.

We make it easy for you by manufacturing a greenhouse that requires no deck, slab, or foundation; no assembly whatsoever (yes, you read that right); is virtually maintenance-free; thrives in both cold and hot climates; shrugs off high winds and snow; comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty; and is delivered right to your home. What other greenhouse product offers all this?!

The perfect backyard greenhouse

A Solar Gem Greenhouse is perfect for your private nursery, no matter if you are a novice gardener or a Master Gardener. Say “goodbye” to high priced/low quality/pesticide-laden produce at the local supermarket, and “hello” to your own backyard supermarket! Think of how much money you’ll save and how much healthier you and your family will eat. A Solar Gem Greenhouse will make it easy and fun.