Solar Gem Lil’ Debi 8′ x 4’ 7″

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The Lil' Debi is the newest and smallest backyard greenhouse in the Solar Gem Greenhouse Series, and it’s just perfect for those with either significant backyard space limitations or very modest gardening goals. Its super compact footprint takes the space challenge out of the equation for most people, but still offers all the great benefits of a Solar Gem. The “Lil’ Debi” is designed to accommodate two (2) of our cedar mini-benches. An Anderson storm door, rear window, and a single automatic overhead vent – designed to whisk out excess hot air during the warmer months – are included.

Weighs approximately 175 lbs.

Delivered Complete

Solar Gem Greenhouses require no assembly. The one-piece fiberglass greenhouse construction, gothic arch and ribbed design make our greenhouses super strong and yet remarkably light weight. These portable greenhouses are easy to move from one location to another. They have no seams for heat loss and no framework to rust, rot or panels to get loose from gusty winds and storms.

The Easiest Way To Garden!

Our ceiling vents and automatic ceiling vent openers are located at the top of the greenhouse preventing heat from getting trapped which allows for natural heat exhaust and eliminates the need for expensive fans. Shade cloths are not required because the greenhouses are not clear. The glass fibers in the wall diffuse the light inside the greenhouse resulting in uniformly shaped plants and flowers, eliminates the need for turning or rotating of your plants, and allows for multiple level gardening. The Solar Gem Greenhouses will out produce any comparable size greenhouse on the market.

No Foundation Required

All you need to do is dig a 3 inch deep, 10 inch wide trench for the greenhouse to fit into and we do the rest. Our delivery crew will place the greenhouse into your yard right where you want it, for local deliveries only. Once the built-in foundation lip is back filled with dirt or gravel the greenhouse is secure. You then have natural drainage inside the greenhouse and you can plant directly into the ground if you want to. The 8’ high ceiling is plenty high for tomato plants, lemon trees or most any tall plant. Even our smallest greenhouse is 8 feet tall, so you are not limited to the type of plant you choose to grow.

Some customers will anchor through the built-in foundation lip to secure the greenhouse to the ground, an existing concrete slab or wood deck by using spikes, rebar, concrete anchor bolts or lag screws.

Gel Coat Exterior

The Solar Gem Greenhouse is the only fiberglass greenhouse with a gel coat exterior. We use the highest quality marine grade gel coat on our greenhouses. The resin we use is formulated exclusively for us to our specifications. Both the fiberglass interior and gel coat exterior are UV stabilized. So, unlike all other fiberglass greenhouses and fiberglass panels on the market, the Solar Gem Greenhouses will not pit or get rough on the outside. They will not become a dirt trap! Our gel coat stays smooth for as long as you own the greenhouse and it does not discolor. Simply hose it off if it gets dusty or dirty. Your Solar Gem Greenhouse will always look new. We are the easiest greenhouse to maintain!

Accessories - Ship Free if purchased with your greenhouse order.

Cedar Work Tables: Our 100% Cedar work tables are precision designed in our factory, and they come to you pre-built…you have nothing to assemble! Each comes with one hang rail and removable slats which allows for great space flexibility and the accommodating of tall plants. You can let your tomato plant grow right up through the table, up to the ceiling, and still use the rest of it for potted plants, trays, and starts. With only a top shelf, the Single Work Table is ideal for growing directly into the soil below it, create a small raised bed, or use the lower area for storage and supplies. Our extra large potting tray and watering tray fit right into the table by removing some of the slats.

Potting Tray: Soil, gloves, pots, fertilizer, tools and more. THIS is your go-to location for all your potting needs and activities. We designed this nifty tray to fit in, and work with our factory made cedar work benches, which are optional. 25″ x 28″ x 9″ deep.

Watering Tray: Tired of watering your plants and vegetables every day? Going to be out of town for a long weekend but don’t want your plants to dry out while you’re gone? The Solar Gem watering tray – designed to be used with our factory-made cedar work benches – solves the dilemma. Fill the tray with about an inch of water, place the plants you want to water in the watering tray, and voila! You’re plants water themselves from the bottom up. Yes, we’ve thought of everything. 23″ x 27″ x 1 1/2″ deep.

Univent Automatic Vent Opener: The solar vent opener can open about 14″ when fully extended. You can adjust it to start opening at any temperature between 60-77F (15-25C). Screw the vent directly into polycarbonate panels, wood, or metal frames.

The Solar Gem Greenhouse is truly the easiest greenhouse to garden in all year long. We strive to make you a happy and successful gardener.

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Base Price: $2221


  • Cedar Work Tables begin at $284
  • Potting Tray: $99
  • Watering Tray: $71
  • Auto Vent Opener: $53.50


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