Hoklartherm Riga Greenhouses

The private garden is for most people not only an oasis of peace and relaxation, but also offers countless opportunities for individual design. In addition to flowerbeds, rockeries or a pond landscape, the furnishing also contributes significantly to the feel-good factor. For more than 30 years HOKLARTHERM has been realizing your individual garden ideas made of glass and metal: from the practical greenhouse, where tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers thrive, to the elegant pavilion, which becomes a cozy meeting place for the family and friends. 

RIGA: The best possible value in its class.

The RIGA Greenhouse is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Germany by Hoklartherm, a leading manufacturer of commercial and hobby greenhouses. The RIGA is truly a greenhouse by the European definition of a greenhouse - designed to be used to grow fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers in the middle of winter.

Do you prefer organic vegetables, fresh cut flowers, and tomatoes in middle of the winter? How about color in your backyard — year round? It is all possible with a RIGA greenhouse. The best possible value in its class.

Why buy a RIGA greenhouse?

• Because, if you intend to grow your own food during the winter, then the RIGA greenhouse is the most suitable product – it offers more insulation than other units.

• Because, its special shape is designed to offer optimal head room inside, but with enough slope on the outside so that heavy snow loads slide down and severe winds blow over the greenhouse.

• Because, the RIGA unit comes with significantly larger and more windows than other units.

• Because it has a large Dutch Barn style door – with a key lock in the door handle

• Because, its shelves hang from the roof and do not sit on braces – more storage space.

• The unique design of the RIGA greenhouse has the best ratio between aluminum framing and polycarbonate panels, which allows for maximum light transmittance and less “moving” shade. (The side glazing panels are wider (40”) than those of other greenhouses, as such the RIGA greenhouse utilizes significantly less aluminum profile materials)

• Designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany.