Hobby House 12' wide

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The Conley Hobby House is manufactured using the same rolled-form components utilized in Conley's commercial greenhouse structures. Unlike so many other hobby greenhouses, this greenhouse is fully engineered and will last a lifetime. All installation instructions and prints are geared towards a qualified builder. It is highly recommended that if you don't have the skills that you hire a qualified builder to assemble your Conley Hobby Greenhouse.

Roll Form

The arches and purlins in the Hobby House feature Superior strength ROLL-FORM steel for unmatched structural integrity. ROLL-FORM sections direct more strength to the longer axis of the metal. Conley's use of COLD FORMING procedures protect the metal's galvanizing features.


Conley’s continuous coil process allows you to access sections of steel as long as necessary to fit your unique needs. Incorporating continuous coils of pre-galvanized metal, ROLL-FORM mills incur virtually no material waste and can generate sections of steel as long as necessary. This means that Conley’s can form wider houses out of a single piece of steel versus some manufacturers who are forced to “splice” their trusses together.


Components of the Hobby House's structures are shipped to you pre-punched and cut to length, for easy bolt-together assembly. Step by step installation instructions are included. Given the shapes of the ROLL-FORMED components, they are naturally able to be nested one into the other during shipment, substantially reducing freight rates. Coverings consist of 6mm, clear, Twin wall UV resistant sheets complete with energy efficient insulation qualities and a 10-year warranty against discoloration.




Frame is all galvanized steel, pre-punched and bolt together design including:

  • All galvanized steel frame design on 6' centers which insures maximum strength and life.
  • Each arch assembly is produced out of a single continuous coil of steel, no splices required, from peak to gutter connection.
  • Pre-punched components supplied for easy bolt-together design.
  • Superior strength rollformed legs, trusses and purlins.
  • Aluminum ridge bar creates flashing for roof covering.
  • Aluminum end bar "seals" house against rain and snow.
  • Anti-drip arch and purlin assembles to control condensate.
  • Simplified arch to leg connection enhances the superior strength rollformed design.
  • Heavy duty legs bolts directly to base plate.
  • Brackets and fasteners as required to assemble frame.
  • Engineered for 70 mph wind and 12 lb. ground snow load as per International Building Codes (I.B.C.) and nominal 1,500 PSF soil compaction rating.
  • Roll formed components nest one onto the other, during shipment, substantially reducing freight rates.
  • Installation instructions and prints.

Covering - Roof, Sides and End Walls

  • 6 mm twin wall polycarbonate (clear) complete with one side UV treated and the second side with condensate control.
  • Aluminum extrusions, perforated bottom tape, non-perforated top tape, fasteners, and closure strips.

Door - Swing Storm Door

  • 3' wide x 6' 8" tall swing storm door complete with glazing, frame and jambs. Door to be positioned at end wall.

Base Price - includes shipping

  • 12 x 12 - includes Frame, Covering, 1 Door - 853 lbs. - $5200
  • 12 x 18 - includes Frame, Covering, 1 Door - 1058 lbs. - $5900 
  • 12 x 24 - includes Frame, Covering, 1 Door - 1259 lbs. - $6600 



  • Additional 3' wide x 6' 8" tall swing storm door complete with glazing, frame and jambs. Door to be positioned at opposite end wall - 68 lbs. - $325


  • 3' x 12' Fixed bench with Expanded Metal - 91 lbs. - $450 single/ $850 pair
  • 3' x 18' Fixed bench with Expanded Metal - 134 lbs. - $600 single/$1150 pair
  • 3' x 24' Fixed bench with Expanded Metal - 178 lbs. - $725 single/$1400 pair

NOTE: We do not sell or supply heating, cooling, circulation or exhaust/intake systems. We recommend Greenhouse Megastore where you can find the most complete range of online HVAC systems for you to choose from based on your needs and/or preferences.

Lead Time: 4 - 8 weeks

Shipping: Shipping is F.O.B. Montclair, CA - LTL freight. Customer is responsible for and must arrange for unloading of all material being delivered.

Please review the shipping, delivery, returns and warranty policies in our TERMS before you make your purchase.

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