Harvest Right Geodesic Greenhouse

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Geodesic shape & quality materials create a strong, weather resistant greenhouse for superior growing.

With 202 to 775 sq. ft. of true growing space and a minimum of 9.5 ft. of ample headroom, there is plenty of room for the plants to flourish. Because of the geodesic shape there are no cold corners and every inch of the space is conducive to growing. The cover contains anti-drip (anti-condensate) to help prevent droplets of moisture from gathering on the inside of the cover and dripping on the plants. This, in turn, improves light transmission, which makes the plants healthier and more productive. Our new, patented design makes this greenhouse literally a “snap” to put up and quickly take down. Comparable structures typically take days to build; yet our geodesic greenhouse is far more durable than comparable structures. Because this unit is quickly set up and taken down, it is truly portable. You can take it with you if you ever move; and you will not be required to get a city building permit to put it in place.

Built to withstand 90 mph winds, heavy snow loads, golf ball size hail, and even earthquakes because of the geodesic structure and remarkable cover.


  • Support struts are made of high quality aircraft aluminum
  • Hubs are made from a nylon polycarbonate that is heat, cold, and UV resistant
  • Two people can setup the frame in 1 hour


  • Woven rip stop fabric (polyethylene) that is tear resistant 
  • Diffuses light better (88%) than clear greenhouse covers helping your plants to flourish and produce more abundantly
  • Prevents shadowing for a more even distribution of light onto your crops
  • – Increased photosynthesis for crop yield
  • – Greater comfort inside greenhouse
  • – Less evaporation and less water used for irrigation
  • IR – Infrared protection leads to less heat transfer meaning a more constant temperature throughout the day and night
  • AD – Anti-Drip (sometimes called AC anti-condensation) prevent condensation which can lead to mold and uneven light distribution
  • UVA – Ultraviolet protection prevents sun deterioration and ensures the cover material lasts at least 6 years
  • Anti-Dust protection helps repel dirt from the surface instead of creating static that attracts dirt and impairs light
  • Woven layer technology for strength and versatility
  • Tightly fitted to your dome
  • Provides R3 insulation value to help keep the interior warmer in cold weather and at night
  • makes it possible to extend the growing season, increase yields, and maximize your greenhouse benefits
  • Heavy duty clasps snap onto the cover and the frame, keeping the cover securely attached
  • Very durable - hail, wind, snow and UVB resistant


  • Wide, 7’ high door can be kept open or securely closed
  • allows easy access for people, wheelbarrows, and tools


  • Behind the 7’ door there is a durable mesh screen
  • allows ventilation
  • keeps unwanted pests out of the greenhouse


  • High quality windows for venting and cooling
  • Automatically open and close as the temperature changes for venting and cooling
  • Open when the interior temperature reaches 85° F
  • Electricity is not required
  • May be manually opened
  • Suggested Amount if ordering: 1 for 11'; 2 for the 16' & 24'; and, 3 for the 32'

For the beginner or the professional, we offer small, medium, large and extra large greenhouses. Each greenhouse has optional automatically venting windows that open and close as the temperature changes. The greenhouses are highly effective as they secure warmth, humidity, and protection for your plants, giving you the ability to grow both indoor and outdoor plants without much restriction – vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs and small fruit trees. Bring your garden to a whole new level, start greenhouse gardening today.


  11-ft-geodesic-greenhouse1a.jpg   16-ft-geodesic-greenhouse.jpg  24-ft-geodesic-greenhouse.jpg  32-ft-geodesic-greenhouseaa.jpg 

11’ GREENHOUSE - 98 sq ft - 7’ tall door - 30” door width

16’ GREENHOUSE - 202 sq ft - 7’ tall door - 30” door width

24’ GREENHOUSE - 450 sq ft - 7’ tall door - 50.5” door width

32’ GREENHOUSE - 775 sq ft - 7’ tall door - 54” door width

5 year warranty

  • Warranty covers every aspect of the greenhouse

This little boy (Jared) and his family have a greenhouse. He planted tomatoes in the greenhouse at the same time he planted tomatoes in his outside garden. The ones in the greenhouse grew much faster than those outside because the greenhouse provided the perfect temperature, light, and humidity.


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