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The Freedom Greenhouse is custom built to your needs and specifications.

The Freedom Greenhouse with 100% solar power is a revolution in hobby greenhouse growing. With innovative ventilation designs, optional automatic watering benches and solar panels, Maine Garden Products has created the first self-contained and self-tending hobby greenhouse. With so many sizes and options available, there is sure to be a greenhouse that will fit your needs.

  • Made in Maine with Eastern White Cedar and triple wall polycarbonate
  • Powered exclusively by a solar panel and 12V battery, no outside power needed!
  • Optional automatic watering benches

They now offer two styles in their Freedom Greenhouse line. The original “Small” style is available in 8’ x 8’ or 8’ x 12’ sizes and utilizes their “raise the roof” ventilation. Temperature regulation through natural ventilation is achieved by literally “raising the roof” off the gable ends on one side of the greenhouse. Ventilation occurs through natural convection, which is the rising of warmer air above cooler air. This allows the warmer air to escape through the roof peak and cooler air to be drawn in through the lower section of the roof opening. Natural convection ventilation is extremely effective and requires no external power.

Their lineup of large Freedom greenhouses uses ridge and sidewall venting to provide great natural ventilation in your greenhouse. The thermostatically controlled system allows owners to control each vent independently, opening or closing only one vent if desired. The roof peak vents have an adjustable control to allow it to only open partially when only a small amount of venting is needed. Sizes from 8’x 16’ to 19’x 54’. And, a 24’ wide model is coming soon!

  • The roof opening gear motor and irrigation systems are powered by a 12 volt battery that is charged by the included solar panel.
  • The 12 volt charging system includes a battery, a 5 or 15 watt solar panel, and a controller for battery regulation and optimizing charge rates.
  • The charging system is guaranteed to never over charge the battery. Full time desulphation pulses safely extend the life and performance of the battery. 

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Base Pricing

  • Small Freedom Greenhouse
    8’ x 8’ $4475
    Cedar Slat Bench $129
    Wire Mesh Bench $139
    Automatic Flood Bench $419
    Automatic Drip Tube System From $249

    8’ x 12’ $5040
    Cedar Slat Bench $159
    Wire Mesh Bench $169
    Automatic Flood Bench $479
    Automatic Drip Tube System From $249
  • Large Freedom Greenhouse
    8’ x 16’ $6025
    8’ x 18’ $6340
    12’ x 12’ $6760
    12’ x 18’ $8730
    12’ x 24’ $10,100
    19’ x 18’ $11,750
    19’ x 24’ $12,215
    19’ x 30’ $12,690
    19’ x 42’ $13,620
    19’ x 54’ $14,560
    Larger sizes are available. Call or write for a quote.
  • Large Freedom Greenhouse Bench Options
    Cedar Slat Bench From $13/ lin. ft.
    Wire Mesh Bench From $14/ lin.ft.
    Automatic Flood Bench From $419
    Automatic Drip Tube System From $249
  • Greenhouse Accessories
    LED Lights $39 each
    Rain Gutter From $75
    Additional Door $160
    Stain From $500
    High Wind Package—Length x Width x .60
    Full Height Glazing one side wall of Freedom Houses—no extra charge
  • Tempered Glass or single layer polycarbonate is available for the doors or sides.

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  • Shipping charges not included in prices.
  • Please call or email for a shipping or delivery quote.
  • ME residents add 5.5% sales tax.

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