About Us

Whether it's for fresh, healthy, home-grown fruits, vegetable and herbs or beautiful flowers and gorgeous plants, hobby greenhouse growing is on the rise across the globe. With the many advances in greenhouse technology and affordability, and a desire to have an alternative to our ever-increasing hectic lives, many people are discovering the simple pleasures and benefits of greenhouse gardening in everything from simple D.I.Y. kitchen window greenhouse gardens to large, stand alone, custom built conservatories. Hobby Greenhouse Growers shares in this enthusiasm and seeks to further foster the art and science of greenhouse growing.

We are a small family business and greenhouse enthusiasts. Disappointed that we could not find a community forum dedicated to hobby greenhouses, we decided to start one. In addition, we added a resource area chock full of useful articles for the backyard greenhouse grower. Surely, if you are here, you have an interest in greenhouse growing. We invite you to visit our online community forum and resource center at HOBBY GREENHOUSE GROWERS FORUM.

We also started this store to help finance the costs associated with a forum such as the software, add-ons, hosting and advertising. And, in the spirit of spreading the word about hobby greenhouse growing, we hope to be able to take a portion of the proceeds from this store and donate them to non-profit community greenhouse and garden projects. So, far we have been able to make one donation to a young man whose Eagle Scout Project is to build a greenhouse for a local chapter of The Giving Gardens. You can read about it HERE. So, when you make a purchase from us, you not only help support the only online community forum dedicated to hobby greenhouse growing, but you help support non-profit community greenhouse and garden projects.

Thank you for your purchase and support!

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